Summer 2016


EXTENDING OUR REACH: Willamette Family in Springfield

In May, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the expansion of our services into Springfield. The Mayor of Springfield, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, along with many other community members attended the ceremony. We are encouraged by the response we received from the community and we are thankful for their continued support. With this added space we are able to help even more people overcome substance use and behavioral health issues.

Ribbon Cutting
Willamette Family's Springfield Bldg. Grand Opening Day

Our Springfield building is the location of one of our most recent programs, Intensive Day Treatment. Intensive Day Treatment (IDT) is a 20 hour per week program that operates Monday through Friday. The group sessions include mindfulness training, anger management counseling, understanding healthy relationships, cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting classes, and more. They also perform prosocial group activities every Friday to help participants understand how to interact and have positive relationships, without the use of substances. This location is also where co-ed Outpatient classes are held and where many Mental Health services are provided. We also offer DUII classes at the new location in Springfield. If y ou would like a tour of this building or to learn more about the programs offered by Willamette Family go to and click on the ”Schedule a Tour” link on our website.

We Have a New Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Willamette Family is excited to report that we now have our first-ever Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner! Valerie Baldwin Thomas joined our clinic in January, and provides important specialized assessment and care for individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders, medical organic brain disorders, as well as co-occurring substance use disorders. Using medication assisted therapy as well as her skills as a family nurse practitioner and mental health professional, Valerie adds a significant resource to our strong behavioral and primary healthcare team.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Valerie Thomas, WF's Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Willamette Family helps people who were living without a diagnosis or access to treatment improve their substance use/mental health conditions, while also meeting their physical health needs. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive, easily accessible integrated healthcare. The community response to this model has been terrific! When we opened our Rapid Access and Health Clinic in early 2015, our health clinic was only seeing about 40 patients per month. Now, in July of 2016, the Health Clinic provides medical and behavioral health services to over 900 patients per month! This number is staggering and only goes to show how many people are seeking help. It is our goal to stop the cycle of addiction and related disorders by treating the causes as well as the symptoms. If we can help, please come see us!

Testimony: Kimberly Syth

My name is Kimberly and I am a recovering addict. I was born in South Carolina and soon after I was born we moved to Sacramento California. In 2005 we ended up moving to Oregon. I got a job at Taco Bell and that’s where I met my son’s father, he was a customer. In 2008 he introduced me to meth. At that time we only did it occasionally. Then we became homeless and my mom moved to California as so we started doing meth all the time.

Client Testimony
Former Client: Kimberly Syth

My son’s father and I were homeless for 5 years. In April 2012 I found out I was 3 months pregnant with my son and we were homeless still. I had my son at 32 ½ weeks on October 10th 2012. He was only 3 ½ pounds when he was born. I was able to stay in the hospital for 4 days with my son, after that DHS took custody of my son. I was supposed to go to Willamette Family Residential treatment in November 2012 but I didn’t go, then I got put back on the waiting list and was supposed to go in February 2013, but was sick.

In June 2013 I came up with another excuse. But in July 22nd 2014 I went into residential treatment at the Willamette Family Cheshire house. I graduated impatient in October 2014 and did intensive outpatient and graduated that in March 2015. And then in August 2015 my son came back home permanently to me.

I have had my struggles but there is nothing and no one that will make me relapse. Today, I am able to be a mother to my son, pay my bills, and be a clean and productive member of society. I am proud to be able to do service work and I go to meetings and have a sponsor. I have been clean since July 19, 2014 and have 18 months and 18 days clean. I never in my life thought I would see this