DRIVEN to meet the needs of those we serve and our community!

It’s been a year since Willamette Family opened our primary health clinic and Rapid Access Center and what a year it has been! Bringing together immediate access to integrated primary and behavioral healthcare has literally saved lives and has made addiction and mental health treatment possible for hundreds who had been in the shadows.

For over 50 years, Willamette Family has been driven to meet the needs of our clients: we have not been passive observers, but have listened and responded to the emerging needs in our community. Our services now exist in 9 clinics in Lane County, including our newest Centennial Clinic in Springfield, where we’ve opened our new Intensive Day Treatment Program. Our brand new Dad’s Program provides a loving home for fathers who are in treatment and their they can live together with support and dignity, while they also learn parenting skills. And our full continuum of addiction and mental health services are available to all who seek our help.

The driving force behind Willamette Family is to better the lives of the people we serve. Our first priority is ALWAYS mission driven to provide excellence in care to those we serve, and to be and integral part of our community’s response to those needs. Our focus is on meeting each person’s comprehensive health needs in a compassionate and respectful manner. We look forward to continued community partnerships and opportunities to strengthen these essential services!

At Willamette Family, there is no wrong door to recovery.

Ron Derby began his career with Willamette Family in 2008 serving in the Admissions Department for Carlton Men’s Residential. He displayed a passion to help men access services as well to provide encouragement when clients wanted to give up on themselves.

In 2013 Ron joined the Outpatient team at the Downtown location as the agency records custodian and Quality Assurance Specialist for Outpatient. Ron quickly demonstrated that his thoroughness was an asset as he developed a system for ensuring that records requests were responded to in a timely manner. He continued to be the primary provider of administrative quality assurance work with the outpatient client records.

As a result of his commitment and initiative, Ron was promoted to the position of Outpatient Supervisor later on. He has been an asset not only to the outpatient department but the agency as a whole. Ron’s exemplary performance embodies the spirit of the Micki Knuckles award as his efforts ultimately are driven by his desire to provide quality services for the alcoholic and addict that is suffering.