New Day!

It’s indeed a new day for Willamette Family and how lucky for us! We are honored and proud to announce Susie Dey as the Executive Director of Willamette Family, Inc.

Susie began her Willamette Family career in 2005 as Director of Development after retiring from 21 years as the Director of Human Services for Linn & Lane County. Over the past 9 years, Susie has assumed increasing leadership responsibility for the agency. On November 1, 2013, Susie assumed the position of Executive Director of Willamette Family, to guide an 8 million dollar agency with over 200 staff, operating at seven different sites in Eugene.

Over the last year, Susie and her team have been transforming Willamette Family with refreshing new ideas. She inspires her team, the Board of Directors, and clients to be the best that they can be. Under Susie’s tutelage, the following accomplishments have been achieved.

  • Opening of The Rac (Rapid Access Center) & Health Clinic
  • Recognition as one of the top 100 agencies in Oregon
  • Received $50,000 Legislative Award for Buckley Center
  • Support from PeaceHealth & Great integration with Trillium
  • Excellent BOD participation and donations
  • Purchase of five vehicles
  • Implementation of an EHR and new phone system
  • Addition of an 8,000 sq. ft. building
  • And much, much more


My story starts with the thinking that I had everything under control. I did not have a meth problem! I could stop at any time if I wanted to, besides, I didn’t even use daily. For God’s sake, I did not have a problem. I had a full time job, buying a house, stable living, driver’s license, a car, and insurance. I also had two beautiful girls and no DHS involvement. I thought I was loving life, and I thought it made no difference high or not high being around my kids.

Then my world changed, my partner went to prison for assaulting me. I started using more, I couldn’t stop. More met meant more depression, more anger, less time hanging out with my girls, less time enjoying things I loved like biking, gardening, fishing, flying kites, picking or drying flowers. I lost my creativity. I lost myself. Then I lost my girls. DHS came and said I was unsafe to be around them. I didn’t see it then, but I sure as heck see it now.

I spent four months in the Residential Program at Willamette Family, Inc. My youngest daughter lived with me there. I re-learned how to be a parent again. I learned how to be me again, and how to build up my boundaries and keep them up. I learned how to forgive myself for my wrongs of my past and move forward. I met good friends and learned how to trust.

Thanks to Willamette Family Treatment Services I will have one year clean on April 23. 2013. I feel wonderful. I love life again.


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