Annual Report 2017


A reflection of our highest quality of service.

We are really excited to announce that Willamette Family’s Child Development Center has officially received a Star 5 rating, which is the highest quality rating in the State of Oregon. This program is called “Spark,” a statewide program from Oregon’s Early Learning Division and it is the updated version of the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).

Our Child Development Center was established in the recognition that parents in residential treatment for addiction are often faced with the dilemma of needing to insure that their children are safe and being well cared for, while the parent is in treatment. By embedding the Child Development Center into our women’s residential treatment center, the mother has all day access to her child and knows that trained skilled staff are providing care and necessary services. She is able to fully focus on her treatment and recovery. Over the years, access to the Child Development Center has expanded to provide this excellent care for dads, and for parents who are receiving outpatient substance use and mental health treatment. In partnership with the University of Oregon, each child receives a developmental assessment and, if indicated, individual services are created to help him or her achieve the optimal developmental milestones possible, and to prepare him or her for school

This achievement of Five Star Rating is reflective of the continual efforts Willamette Family makes to provide the highest quality of services in all program areas. Our Board, Leadership, and Staff are committed to this standard, and take pride in our accomplishments. For the fourth straight year, Willamette Family was recognized as one of Oregon’s Top 100 Non Profit Employers.

2017 Progress Overview

5 Star Rating Achieved–Child Development Center

Willamette Family Child Development Center is now among only 12 other centers in Eugene with this rating. What does a Star 5 mean? A Star 5 means our early childhood education program has excelled in the highest quality rating standards in the State. Our early childhood education program provides the highest quality care and education demonstrated through our developmentally appropriate curriculum and implementation, teaching practices, learning materials and toys, as well as classroom environments designed to support all areas of development, including; social, emotional, physical, and cognitive..

Achieving the Star 5 has been quite a journey. We started out four years ago in May of 2013 by undergoing the rigorous steps to achieve a Star 4 rating. After complying with all the data that proves we meet all of the required standards for the Star 4, it was strategically compiled in a portfolio that was sent off to be analyzed by a team of Early Learning Specialist from the Research Institute at Western Oregon University. On August 31st 2014 we received the Star 4 accreditation, but we didn’t want to stop there. Our goal was to reach the highest degree of quality available in the State of Oregon, and that is what we did. After close to three years of complying data, documenting and implementing the vigorous quality improvement standards required, we accomplished our goal! On July 26th 2017 we were notified that we have successfully earned the accreditation of a Star 5!

Maintaining the Star 5 means we will continue to provide the highest quality of care and education for the children we serve. Teachers are required to participate in ongoing professional development through education and training requirements yearly and keep up with current research and data to help us determine how to best meet the needs of children.