Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013


Celebrating 50 Years!

This is a milestone year for Willamette Family! We proudly celebrate our 50th year of bringing health, wellness, and recovery to our community. It all started in 1964, when George and Honey Buckley opened their hearts and home to struggling individuals who had lost nearly everything to addiction, and who were without hope. Equipped with the belief that “not every human is an alcoholic, but every alcoholic is human” they created the possibility for a fulfilled life through their compassion and respect, and by treating each individual with dignity.

Willamette Family has been part of the fabric of our lives ever since the Beatles arrived in 1964. The music they brought became the soundtrack that heralded soaring accomplishments like the Civil Rights Act, landing on the moon, and unbelievable technological progress. At the same time, however, civil protest, war, and the increasing use of drugs and alcohol claimed a devastating toll on lives, families, and society. As evidence emerged, it became clear that treatment of addiction alone wasn’t sufficient for the many who also suffered from emotional trauma, untreated health concerns, overwhelming poverty, family crises, and homelessness. Willamette Family responded to these needs and now provides healthcare, mental health counseling, family services, peer support and supported housing along with a full array of addiction treatment and detoxification services.

Today is a New Day! All of these programs represent the foundation for our vision and continued financial stability. As I begin my first year as Executive Director for this remarkable agency, I am grateful for the leadership of those who had this responsibility before me. Our growth has been steady and solid, and we’ve weathered the storms that came our way, choosing to find opportunity and innovation to overcome obstacles. Willamette Family is ready to take the next step as a leading center for health, wellness, and recovery.

This year’s recipient of the Micki Knuckles Award was Linda Zinn who started at WF’s Families in Recovery in May of 1993. Linda brought her experience as a mother, along with her deep love of babies and children, to that position. Over the years, she has held more babies than anyone else who works at Willamette Family.

Many of those babies are now attending Lane Community College! For the past several years, Linda has worked at the HUB, providing care and attention for hundreds of women and children, especially during overnight shifts. Linda’s dedication and commitment to her job are exemplary. She has been the torch carrier for Women’s Residential Treatment, making sure everyone has light during the darkest night. She practices what Micki always believed about in- dividuals struggling to overcome their addiction: “We will love you until you learn to love yourself.”

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Detoxification and Sobering Services

Since its humble beginning 50 years ago, Willamette Family’s Buckley Center has never lost sight of the pernicious effects of addiction. Today it offers medically based detoxification services, and is the second largest program in Oregon.Thousands of alcoholics and drug users have started their journey to recovery through the doors opened by George and Honey Buckley so long ago. Integrated medical, behavioral health and support services are essential components in the recovery process. Buckley Center’s round-the-clock medical care is provided by a team of medical professionals. Indigent individuals needing primary care may be referred, without cost, to the Willamette Family Medical Clinic at the Cheshire Center. Both mental health and peer support services are also available onsite, offering a helping hand and wrap-around services for patients who are very fragile in their new life without the use of drugs or alcohol. The Sobering Station embedded at Buckley Center provides an invaluable resource for health and public safety. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has brought resources and funding to detoxification services that were only dreamed of when George and Honey opened their home 50 years ago. Willamette Family is fast becoming the “go to” detox center statewide, with quality care and access leading the way. It is truly a New Day!

Outpatient and DUI Services

The demand for quality, effective outpatient treatment services continued at a high rate for Willamette Family in 2013. Willamette Family looks to meet that need by offering services at a variety of locations. In Eugene, services are offered at a variety of locations. Two additional sites are available at 4739 Main St. Suite 5 in Springfield, and 1450 Birch Ave. in Cottage Grove. Having multiple service delivery sites coupled with a variety of schedules allows for easier access. Willamette Family recognizes that individuals with co- occurring addiction and mental health challenges are able to recover provided that adequate services and supports are in place. In 2014, Willamette Family will continue to enhance the integration of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services in our Outpatient programs.

Men’s Services

Commonly referred to as the “Carlton House”, Willamette Family’s men’s residential service received licensure from the state of Oregon in 1986. It is one of the few units offering long-term high intensity residential substance addiction treatment in Oregon; admitting and serving 96 men in the first half of fiscal year 13-14. As treatment has undergone substantial changes throughout the years, “Carlton House” has been in the forefront of these changes effectively delivering evidence based services to men including Family Services, Medical Care and Mental Health Counseling. A holistic approach affirms that recovery encompasses an individual’s whole life, including mind (mental health therapy), body, (medical), family (parenting support), spirit (self-help groups), and community.

Admission Services

Respectfully welcoming each individual who seeks help was the hallmark of our early beginnings 50 years ago-and that same principle holds true today! By creating a centralized Admissions department, individuals can immediately begin the process of treatment and recovery at a single point of entry. In operation for the past 3 years, Willamette Family’s centralized Admissions department continues to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing demands of healthcare reform. Working with community partners, Willamette Family provides mobile assessments for vulnerable populations at multiple locations, including mental health clinics and hospital emergency departments.

Health Clinic

For most of our 50 years, the dream of healthcare that addressed the medical and complex social needs of individuals served by Willamette Family seemed beyond reach. Things changed on October 26, 2010, when Willamette Family opened its onsite primary care clinic at our Cheshire Center through a partnership with United Way of Lane County. Over 400 indigent residents of Lane County have received medical care at this clinic. In 2013, the clinic expanded to provide sub acute care to Medicaid (OHP) eligible adults receiving gender specific residential treatment. In addition to adult illnesses, injuries, physicals, well-woman care, and referrals to specialty care, the medical clinic offers individuals the latest in nicotine replacement therapy and interventions. It is a new day with endless possibilities to enhance and brighten the lives we touch.

Child Development Center

Willamette Family’s State licensed Child Development Center (CDC) continues to provide high-quality childcare and early education experiences to enhance children’s development and to support families in their treatment, recovery, and parenting roles. The CDC works closely with the Willamette Family Early Childhood Mental Health team, integrating services in the classrooms and helping children overcome adverse childhood experiences. An array of parenting education courses are offered, including Circle of Security, Nurturing Parenting, and Make Parenting a Pleasure, to strengthen positive parent-child attachment. Parents are encouraged to participate in the daily activities their children enjoy, adding another element needed for healthy bonding.

Mental Health

Willamette Family has been a licensed mental health provider since 2006. Services are available to individuals and families at all sites. Willamette Family’s strong movement towards becoming an Evidence Based Organization provides the structural support to improve fidelity in the delivery of evidence based practices such as Motivational Interviewing and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In May 2013, Willamette Family implemented Peer Support Specialists to assist in supporting individuals receiving mental health services. The primary goal for the upcoming year is to continue to work towards integration of mental health and addiction treatment services. All avenues for growth and improvement will continue to be explored throughout 2014.

Family Services Program

Family preservation and reunification are the goals for the Family Services Program. Positive outcomes have continued in this program with 76% of children remaining with their parents at service conclusion. Willamette Family provides comprehensive parent-skill building, case management, parenting education, life skills training, mentoring, and support services that are integrated along with parental substance abuse and mental health treatment to achieve these remarkable outcomes. Each parent receives assistance in obtaining all childhood and well-baby exams as well as any pediatric medical care. Willamette Family is extremely pleased to announce an expansion of family services to fathers participating in residential treatment at the men’s Carlton House with a grant from Trillium Behavioral Health. This year, the Family Services program enhanced parenting services by providing very successful formal parent coaching services though a contract with Department of Human Services. The Relationship Based Visitation program is a demonstration grant in partnership with DHS and Portland State University to provide intense parent education for families whose children are at highest risk for remaining in foster care. Willamette Family was selected for this project from an array of many applicants, and has received excellent reviews.


For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 the total revenue was $7,143,005, with total expenses of $7,318,109 resulting in a net deficit of ($175,104). Program services comprised 89.0% of our total expenses, with Administrative expenses at 8.5% and Development (Fundraising) expenses making up the remaining 2.5%. Compared to the previous fiscal year, revenue decreased 3.3% while expenses showed a small 0.7% increase resulting in a net 4.0% deficit. Employee count dropped from 198 to 180 as we needed to better align personnel costs to revenue. Significant progress in agency finances began in March 2013 after a very difficult first eight months. The agency generated positive net income of $252,508 over the final four months of the fiscal year which enabled the full year to come in at an acceptable level.

Women’s Residential Treatment

Women’s residential services continues to evolve and lead the way in women’s specific substance addiction treatment across the country. In 2013, the full spectrum of addiction treatment including education, group and individual therapy was provided to 244 women and 47 pregnant women. Thirty-seven children were born to substance-free mothers and 58 children resided at the center safely protected while their mothers participated in services and supports offered at the facility. Willamette Family continually explores different practices demonstrated by research as being effective in treating addiction which are delivered by specially trained counselors resulting in some of the best reported outcomes to date. An inter-disciplinary treatment team offering a co-occurring approach is also utilized to address the multiple, and complex needs of our women, including issues associated with addiction, physiological, psychological, legal, employment, housing, and others. A new year is here and the women’s residential team has geared up to stride forward with new advances that reflect Willamette Family’s mission. On the horizon is a number of innovative approaches aimed at improving accessibility, treatment and continuing care for women and their families.

Peer Support Services

Building on Willamette Family’s 50 year tradition of extending a hand to someone in need, 2013 continued to be an exciting year of growth for peer support services, and yet it has never lost sight of its guiding principles. Peer support has one simple goal: to help each individual walk through whatever barriers he or she may experience in early recovery. Willamette Family has recognized and embraced the idea that being able to talk with a person who has shared experience can make all the difference in someone’s success in early recovery. Willamette Family’s vision for peer support services moving forward is to incorporate itself at each location, assisting with initial engagement, helping transition between programs, and thus improving retention and success rates. This vision is already beginning to be realized by offering interim services prior to the start of treatment, building relationships with individuals enrolled at Buckley Detoxification Center, and assisting them in transitioning between locations and services.