Intensive Day Treatment (IDT): Bridging the Gap

Willamette Family is a nationally recognized Health, Wellness, and Recovery center. Our goal is to continually improve our services to provide the highest quality of care to all. In our search to find new and innovative ways to help those seeking substance abuse treatment, we developed and launched a new program, Intensive Day Treatment.

Intensive Day Treatment is a level of care that fits snugly between 24-hour residential and intensive outpatient. Clients participating in substance abuse treatment services will now find smoother transitions between care levels allowing for dramatically improved outcomes. For those clients who would benefit from residential care, but are unable to participate, or those that are enrolled in outpatient, but need a slightly higher care level, Willamette Family’s Intensive Day Treatment program can meet those needs.

Intensive Day Treatment is new program of Willamette Family that is already demonstrating success in its ability to “bridge the gap” and meet the care needs of our clients recovering from substance abuse disorders.

Intensive Day Treatment is:

  • 20 hours per week of counselor facilitated care
  • Combination of education and therapy services such as: equine therapy, Tai Chi, relapse prevention, emotion regulation, and other therapeutic practices.
  • Case management and recovery support services
  • Individually designed service plans and activities
  • Supported by a 24 hour crisis line

Client Testimony: Jennifer Replogle

I was born in Arizona and lived there for the first thirteen years of my life and when I turned fourteen I moved here to Oregon. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and in that same year I started using meth. During this time, I lived with my mom and brother at my grandmother’s house. Both my mom and brother were using as well and during that time my mom told me it was okay to use meth. This is when my addiction really took hold.

At the age of seventeen I stopped using meth and began to make different choices. I was awarded the “Turn Around Student” award at Kalapuya High School in west Eugene. I was an employee of the month and thrived working with elderly clients for 5 years at Alpine Court. I felt like I made a difference in the lives of those around me. After 5 ½ years of being clean and sober living, I went to a party where alcohol and meth were being offered. I didn’t know that I couldn’t handle it and I fell under the same trap again.

In my second time at Willamette Family I was able to have my son, and I’m very thankful for the services that they provided. In the past, when I tried to get clean, I was getting clean for my children, but was never able to fully commit to the process.

Today I am making the decision to live sober for my kids, but mainly for myself. I am finally ready to meet with Mental Health Therapists to deal with past history of abuse. My oldest son has recently started expressing his anger with not being able to be with me now, but with the help of Willamette Family, the Child Development Center (CDC) and parenting coaches I’m able to understand and help my children with their emotions and feelings.

I am set to graduate from Willamette Family Women’s Residential in one month and I just got enrolled into Lane Community College. I look back on my life and realized the mistakes that I’ve made have only made me stronger today.