Annual Report 2021


Executive Director's Report

Looking Back, Looking Forward – With Gratitude.
I’m delighted to introduce Willamette Family’s 2021 Annual Report. On October 1, 2021, Willamette Family celebrated Ms. Susie Dey’s first day of retirement and my first day as Executive Director. The Agency’s internal succession planning resulted in a cohesive and positive leadership transition for staff and the community alike.

Looking Back
Unprecedented. Difficult. Heartbreaking. These are the words that often come up when discussing the pandemic’s impact. As 2020 concluded and 2021 began, we had hoped for normalcy. The year, however, brought us ongoing circumstances that challenged our health and well-being, yet, at Willamette Family, there was much to acknowledge and even reasons to celebrate amidst those challenges. The year brought opportunity. We invested in ourselves, our community, and our Families. We knew that everyday life was becoming more complex and dangerous for our Families as addiction and mental health conditions intertwined and overlapped with COVID-19 for those already living through dire circumstances.
Families were disrupted as stress amplified: We responded by increasing access to Family Services by 70%. We broadened the definition of Family to include all participants in the individuals’ life. Oregon’s opioid epidemic continued to worsen: We responded by expanding our Office-Based Opioid Treatment program to include increased medical provider access and life-changing and life-saving medication. COVID-19 disproportionately impacted marginalized populations: As part of our responsibility to provide the best quality services and build a robust and effective team, we have made Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion an Agency priority.

Looking Forward
As we embark on this new year, we remain on Mission and on Purpose to serve our community. We’ve set our sights on driving system changes necessary to address addiction in Families, promote healing, and stop the generational cycle of substance use. In 2022, we will intentionally and relentlessly focus on building more robust services for Families in Treatment for addiction.

With Gratitude: We are Grateful.
Grateful to be of service to Families in need of addiction Treatment and Recovery supports. Grateful for the hundreds of donors and volunteers passionate about our work to promote Recovery. Grateful for our meaningful collaborations with community partners who all work to make a difference in thousands of lives daily. Grateful for our dedicated, flexible, and courageous personnel who suit up and show up every day no matter the challenge. Grateful for our Board of Directors, who are passionate ambassadors of our Vision – A World of Recovery.

Eva Williams

2021 Progress Overview

Family Services @ Willamette Family

Willamette Family recognizes that substance use disorders may span generations in families. Providing treatment to those in need was critical during the pandemic. During that period, Family Services worked with 87 families and their children.

The Child Development Center was open for children living on-site with their mothers who were in the Residential Treatment program. In order to stay open, extra health and safety measures needed to be provided that included daily health screenings and temperature checks, as well as following guidelines from the OHA (Oregon Health Authority), Center of Diseases Control), ELD (Early Learning Division), and Willamette Family policies and procedures. In 2021 the CDC received grants from the Integrity Foundation, Eugene 20-30 Active Club, and Cow Creek Indian Foundation to replace furnishings and equipment that had been outdated and purchase new materials for learning.

A grant from the Oregon Health Authority provided additional assistance with family preservation services. These funds allowed for an expansion of the services for pregnant women and parenting clients in treatment. Some of the funds will be used to benefit fathers in treatment by funding a half-time Family Advocate to work in the Men’s Residential facility and with the Dad’s program. This new position will be assisting fathers by supporting the men in their goals of parenting and sobriety.

Staff from the CDC, the Dad’s Program, and Family Services teach parenting classes, parent coaching, case management, and home visits to help strengthen parent/ child relationships and increase their parenting skills.