Rapid Access Center
195 W. 12th Ave. Eugene OR 97401
Outpatient Building
1651 Centennial Blvd. Springfield OR 97477
Cottage Grove
1450 Birch Avenue Cottage Grove, OR 97424

About Willamette Family


Health, Wellness And Recovery Services

For fifty years Willamette Family has been a leader in the field of mental health and substance use services, assisting clients and families on the journey of recovery. Our treatment philosophy includes providing a full continuum of care with wraparound services for our clients that helps rebuild their lives and the lives of their family. We use evidence based therapy that is gender specific and meets the individual needs of each client. By providing a warm and nurturing environment for individuals and families seeking substance use and/or mental health recovery, we are dedicated to raising the quality of life in Eugene and the surrounding communities through cost-effective, efficient and quality services.



Willamette Family programs operate under an $15 million budget at eight sites located throughout Eugene, Springfield and Cottage Grove. Six of those sites serve hundreds of clients throughout the year in residential and outpatient settings and our detox/sobering center receives thousands of admissions annually. The Rapid Access Center and Medical Clinic offer same day services to anyone who walks in the door, which may eliminate the need to use the emergency departments. Still we continue to meet Oregon Administrative Rules for maintaining high quality standards in all our operations and programs.

We also operate a licensed, on-site, therapeutic Child Development Center which is available to children whose parents are in treatment at Willamette Family. When appropriate, children may stay with their mother at our Women’s Residential Treatment site as part of the Family Reunion Program. Through this program, countless mothers and their children develop a healthy life together and return to the community as a family, sometimes entirely avoiding the need for foster care. Additionally, over two dozen new births each year to women in our programs ensure infants are not born drug affected. The savings in lives and hospitalization costs cannot be calculated.

Our services include substance use and mental health treatment, detoxification, on-site therapeutic child care, family reunion services, DUII services, housing and referrals, Primary Medical Care, parenting classes, Peer to Peer Support, and a myriad of transitional services. These services are designed to assist the individual transition back into the community and to reunite with their families.

We are truly committed in providing "Health, Wellness and Recovery Services" to our community.