It's been a great year!

Willamette Family enthusiastically announces the successful launch of a revolutionary new health clinic that provides immediate access to behavioral health and primary medical care. Individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders and/or mental health conditions may now choose the Willamette Family Health Clinic as their Behavioral Health Medical Home. Built upon the Triple Aim of the Affordable Care Act to provide excellent healthcare, improve the health of target populations, and reduce the overall costs of healthcare, the Willamette Family Health Clinic provides team-based, integrated care that includes nurse practitioners, substance abuse counselors, mental health therapists, medical assistants, care coordinators, and peer support specialists to work with each patient to ensure optimal outcomes.

The Health Clinic is embedded within our new Rapid Access Center (the “RAC”) that allows individuals seeking help to simply walk-in or schedule appointments for services. Counselors and mental health therapists offer immediate assessments and with our expanded hours of operation, customer service staff, and peer support specialists, individuals may begin their journey to health, wellness, and recovery that day.

For over 50 years, Willamette Family has responded to the emerging needs of our community. We are excited and proud to offer this new resource for those we serve.

This year’s recipient of the Micki Knuckles Award was Edith Baumgart, Senior Manager for Children and Family Services. Edith has worked for Willamette Family for nearly 18 years in nearly every program area. A skilled and certified substance abuse counselor, Edith’s passion for children and families led her to focus her work with that specific population. Under her leadership, the Willamette Family Child Development Center became a state licensed, Program of Excellence that serves children from 0-6 whose parents are in treatment.

As many of the families we serve are involved with the child welfare system, Edith and her team work tirelessly to help the parents overcome the issues that could result in foster care placement. Over 200 families have received intensive family services under Edith’s direction, and 80% of those children were able to safely remain with their parents. This is an exceptional accomplishment.

Edith continues to inspire new initiatives that expand family services to men in residential treatment at Carlton, as well as childhood mental health treatment. Her commitment to her work and to her profession is exemplary and reflects the spirit that Micki brought to Willamette Family.

At Willamette Family, there is no wrong door to recovery.

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