Excellence. Quality. Integrity.

As we celebrate our 53 year anniversary of providing excellent care and treatment for our community, we pause to re ect on how much has changed and how Willamette Family has responded to the emerging needs of those we serve.

This past year, we purchased additional property to allow individuals in our day treatment program-and who were homeless-to have a safe place to live so that they can fully participate in treatment. We continue to invest in needed upgrades for our facilities as well as supporting sta education and training opportunities to insure that they meet and exceed all required standards. We purchased a state-of-the- art Electronic Health Record system to further streamline the delivery of these services to our clients and to our community. And for the 3rd consecutive year, Willamette Family was awarded the honor of being one of Oregon’s top 100 Non Pro t Employers.

It is our commitment that our services will always be driven by Excellence, Quality and Integrity. We make that commitment so we can continuously meet the changing needs of our clients and of our community.

2016 Progress Overview

New Electronic Health Record (EHR)

For Healthcare organizations like WF, the implementation of an EHR brings promise to improve e ciency and productivity. With the advent of Coordinated Care Organizations, resultant changes to billing requirements and alternative payment model requirements approach are achieved. All of which require a fully integrated EHR capable of data collection and outcome measurement.

While we remain within the early implementation phase as we conclude 2016, we have already achieved and experienced many of those promises the EHR is intended to deliver. Naturally, our providers describe e ciency due to the ease of recording, storing, managing, and retrieving client information. Cues in the software ensure essential information is recorded and fewer mistakes are made. In turn, this decreases the administrative burden of le review management. Erroneous claim submissions are all too common in the world of paper, but we embrace Advanced Data Systems seamless billing system interface and electronic claim feature decreasing our liability for errors.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, and most importantly, we believe that once our EHR is fully implemented our quality of care will be greatly improved. We excitedly embrace what 2017 brings as we continue in our implementation process.