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Willamette Family has proudly served Lane County for over 50 years, providing detox and treatment for substance use disorders. Over the years our services have been enhanced to include Mental Health Treatment for adults and children, Primary Medical Care, parenting classes, Family Services, Peer Support Services, and a myriad of transitional services. These services are designed to assist the individual transition back into the community and to reunite with their families (Download General Program Brochure - PDF).

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Three Rivers Foundation Award Check to Child Development Center Playground Upgrade

Published on March 12, 2018

Edith Baumgart, Director of Family Services at Willamette Family, received a check for $2,500 from Three Rivers Foundation to be used for the Child Development Center upgrade to the Infant & Toddler Playground.

In 2016 the Preschool playground was upgraded and now funds are being sought to improve the playground for the younger children. The playground equipment at the Child Development Center provides age-appropriate outdoor activities for the children of clients. The equipment was selected to be developmentally interactive and stimulating to promote children’s overall wellbeing and supports the child’s gross motor development.

Toddlers & Infants Playground Improvement Update

Published on March 12, 2018

Funding for the Child Development Center’s Toddlers & Infants Playground Improvement project is underway. The new equipment will be age-appropriate and provides outdoor activities that are developmentally interactive and stimulating to promote children’s overall wellbeing and support the child’s gross motor development. Below is the graph showing our progress in raising funds to complete this project; we are three-quarters of the way to funding this project.

Edith Baumgart

In 2016 the Preschool equipment was updated and now we are raising funds to upgrade the equipment used by infants and toddlers. The updated playground equipment will give all children enrolled in our program access to developmentally-appropriate, stimulating, and interactive outdoor activities in a safe and fun environment.

An updated playground would also benefit our parenting clients who live on-site with their children and can use the playground evenings and on weekends. Other residential clients also have children who do not live with them, but may use the equipment during visitations on weekends. The playground is an ideal way for parents to spend time and bond with their children.

Edith Baumgart

Meet Graham, Jennifer & Kaycee
...their story is just one of many waiting to be told.

Published on November 27, 2017

The Child Development Center (CDC) allows parents to attend substance abuse treatment and mental health services while their child/ children receive therapeutic services in the CDC. The CDC teachers help children learn how to walk, talk, write, count, interact with other children, and much more. Many of the children who attend the center have been born affected by prenatal substance use, and/or have experienced abuse and/or neglect in their past. The teachers are trauma-informed and work hard to provide a therapeutic environment for all of the children.

Kaycee was cared for at the Child Development Center (CDC) while Jennifer and Graham were in treatment. Her mother Jennifer was receiving treatment through the Women’s Residence Program and her father Graham was receiving treatment through the Dad’s Program. Both of those programs help clients to manage their recovery, while allowing them to be active parents in their children’s lives and spend time parenting their children. 

Without Willamette Family’s Child Development Center, many children would be separated from their parent and placed in foster care. The CDC gives parents and children the ability to remain together in a safe and well monitored environment.

Willamette Family MediaTraining Announcement

40 Hours Peer Support Training

Published on February 14, 2018

Peer Support Training 2018

We have another scheduled Peer Support Training for May 21st – 25th @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Prairie View Community Housing
584 N Danebo Avenue Eugene, OR. 97402

Application Form Download

Keep the Lights On Campaign Update

Published on October 30, 2017

On October 20th, Ted Corbin, Chambers Construction Director of Marketing, and Nancy Thornton, Small Projects Division Manager, visited the Willamette Family Cheshire site and toured the Child Development Center, along with the Women’s Residential Treatment Program.

Edith Baumgart

Chambers Construction learned of Willamette Family’s drive to replace the generators that failed during last winter’s ice storm and contributed $1,000 to that fund. When the power went out at our Cheshire site for five days during that storm, we had over 40 women living there and 15 children under the age of six (See full story here).

With the help of Chambers Construction and other donors and funders we are working to raise the $151,200 needed to replace that generator through our Keep the Lights On Campaign. If you’d like to help replace that vital piece of equipment, you can click on the Donate Now button and designate your gift to the Keep the Lights On Campaign.

Congratulations Edith from all of us at Willamette Family! We are so proud of you!!!

Published on October 13, 2017

Willamette Family is proud to announce that Edith Baumgart, Director of Family Services and the WF Child Development Center, has received a prestigious award from the University of Oregon’s College of Education! She is to be honored at this year’s Alumni Award Reception with the Community Impact Award. She roundly deserves this recognition for her amazing work to support families, lead parent education efforts, and bring the Willamette Family Child Development Center to superior standing as a Five Star rated program. Edith received her Bachelor’s Degree from the UofO in 2016, and is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program in Social Work through Portland State University.

Edith Baumgart

I feel honored and humbled to receive this award. I have been incredibly blessed to work with Willamette Family for my entire career, where I have received the most incredible mentorship, encouragement and support. I am so Thankful to the many collages who have been a part of this amazing journey. A special Thank You to the incredible supervisors who have taken the time to mentor and teach me along the way! — Edith

100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon 2017 – Willamette Family is Ranked No.13

Published on October 6, 2017

Nonprofits are a thriving and vital part of the Oregon economy, employing more than 140,000 people and representing 12% of private-sector jobs. Charitable contributions to nonprofits in 2013 totaled $1.76 billion, up slightly from the year before, according to the Giving in Oregon 2015 report.

100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon

For the last nine years, Oregon Business magazine has been naming 100 Best Nonprofit companies to work for in Oregon from various sectors. The project attracted organizations and approximately 5,000 employees from across the state, representing a variety of sectors, from social services to environmental advocacy. The annual survey gives a voice to nonprofit-sector employees by asking them to rate their satisfaction with different workplace practices. The 100 Best list showcases organizations that are exceptional places to work based on employee feedback to the survey. Willamette Family was first invited to participate in 2014 and we were ranked at #32. The following year, our employees ranked us at #14, and we were at #24 in 2016.

For the first time this year, the questions were revamped to take into account the growing significant of equity to the nonprofit workplace. Employees were asks to measure their satisfaction with equitable treatment of differing racial and economic groups as well as with opportunities for equitable promotion and growth.

This year, 100 Best Nonprofit employees were more satisfied with pride and belief in their organizations, the progress of the mission and purpose of their nonprofits and the flexibility to balance family, community and job obligations. We are proud to announce that for this year, our employees have placed Willamette Family at #13 – making this year our highest achieved ranking so far.

–from Willamette Family's Child Development Center

Published on September 6, 2017

Kaiser Permanente Grant Ceremony

1 Year Partnership with the Community Court

Published on September 20, 2017

September 1st marks one year since Willamette Family partnered with the City of Eugene’s Community Court program. Community Court is held every Friday at the downtown Eugene Public Library. This innovative court is focused on providing individuals who meet the court’s criteria with an opportunity to engage needed behavioral health services, rather than traditional punitive sanctions.

Daniel Jenkins is the Community Court Liaison between Willamette Family and the Community Court Program. His update report on the past year follows:

“The past year in community court has been an amazing experience and I feel very fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in the program. I have helped build and refine some concepts within the court, advocated for participants and led people into services with Willamette family. In addition, I built a rapport with the Judges, attorneys, court staff, EPD, and other providers who participate. It is refreshing to see the forward-thinking and open mindedness that this court offers. I sometimes find it mind-blowing that I can work with cops, judges and prosecutors and be given a podium to advocate for court participants. What makes it better is that I am encouraged to do so.

Personally, I came from the streets and I can empathize with the individuals that I encounter at court. The plights that these individuals face are intersectional, complex, and oftentimes very misunderstood. Community Court has continued to offer a hand-up and seeks to support rather than provide traditional punitive sanctions. The court is also unique in that it doesn’t have a hierarchy in a traditional sense. It is personable, with the judge and attorneys sitting eye level with participants; seeking to listen and understand as opposed to trying and convicting. That said, the most unique and supportive part of this court is that is believes in people; it offers opportunity to participants and gets them involved within the community and within treatment.

I have been fortunate to see participants succeed in this program. I have seen individuals come into court as broken, fragmented individuals who speak of hopelessness and through their participation they get their lives back, as well as discovering a sense of belonging and self-efficacy. The community Court program was able to secure grant funding through September 2018. I hope to continue to see it produce success stories and work as a support in our vulnerable populations lives.”

Kendall Crump: What is Drug Addiction?

Published on June 6, 2017

Kendall Crump was an intern at Willamette Family from the University of Oregon for several months where she worked with individuals affected by the disease of addiction.

During my time interning at Willamette Family and working with individuals in recovery, I have become exposed to a number of stereotypes and prejudices that this population receives. After hearing about how these stereotypes are affecting these men and women, it became evident of the crucial need for community members to be educated about the lifestyles and experiences of those in recovery. If these individuals are expected to return to the community and be productive members of society, they need their colleagues, their neighbors and friends to know what it is like to live with addiction. In raising awareness, community members will be better able to support parents in recovery. They will have a deeper understanding of some experiences that have shaped the lifestyle those in recovery live. By becoming educated in their experiences, both hardships and successes, it will be easier for the community to understand their needs and offer the support these families so desperately need and deserve. With the support and acceptance of the community, these parents will thrive in their recovery and thrive as productive members of society. The goal of my senior project is to humanize the face of addiction in order to show the community how big of a role they play in the process of recovery.

Our community will only grow and strengthen with the support we offer and receive from each other.

“The urge to use is more prominent than our basic instinct to preserve our lives. No one in their right mind continually puts their life in danger to get something that we know ruins our lives. I love my kids more than anything but my brain tells me I love drugs more than anything else.”

Michael: A Father Who Found His Way Home

Published on March 30, 2017

I was born in a city in Central California where gangs and addiction are prevalent. I lived in a house full of addicts; I was born to two addicted parents. At an early age, I was taken out of the home and was raised by my grandparents. I had a couple of male figures, but it wasn’t my dad. I went searching for another male role model and that role model happened to be a gang. My involvement with the gang fed my addiction as well as my addiction fed my criminality. For years it went on like this…

After I met my wife and had my children, I thought everything was going to be different, but it wasn’t the case. I wanted to be happy. I think that’s what it was, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t be happy.

My turning point came around when I finally saw the real impact of my behavior to my children and how it can affect their future. I called Willamette Family and they welcomed me with open arms. It was so good to finally see my children being so proud of me because I was doing something right. It warms me inside everytime I see my children happy. It was one the best decision I’ve made in lilfe. Willamette Family showed me what I was looking for.

Kaiser Permanente Grant: Housing Expansion Project

Published on January 19, 2017

Kaiser Permanente Grant Ceremony

Willamette Family is one of the three non-profit agencies in Eugene that receive a grant from Kaiser Permanente to expand a housing project for its population. Over 3500 individuals receive treatment through Willamette Family for substance use disorders each year. Of those, over 80% have experienced homelessness at least once during the year. This grant will address key barriers for this population in the following manner.

  • Willamette Family will hire an additional housing specialist and an additional peers support specialist to work with each individual on the issues that prevent them from securing stable housing
  • Willamette Family will develop and deliver a state certified training program to train community health workers both within the agency, and for other community providers
  • Willamette Family will train two staff members in the Second Chance Renters Curriculum to provide individuals with the skills needed to successful rent and retain housing
  • Willamette Family will use its Rapid Access Center to identify housing needs when an individual initially seeks treatment and services, and begin developing an individualized plan with each client to successfully obtain housing and to support them once the complete treatment

This wonderful grant will provide hope, support and services to help these individuals find housing and become part of this great community.

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The meth and heroin epidemic continues to plague Oregon and the number of drug arrests in Eugene and Springfield are on the rise, according to police records.
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"Mother's Tale – Kimberly"

Published on Nov 18, 2016

“Today, I am able to be a mother to my son, pay my bills, and be a clean and productive member of society. I am proud to be able to do service work and I go to meetings and have a sponsor. I have been clean since July 19, 2014. I never in my life thought I would see this.”     – Kimberly

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