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"Welcome to Willamette Family..."
Client Testimony: Christin
Christin: "I am alive and free from active addiction."
Client Testimony: Jessica
Jessica: "Life is good."
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Health, Wellness and Recovery Services

Willamette Family has proudly served Lane County for over 50 years, providing detox and treatment for substance use disorders. Over the years our services have been enhanced to include Mental Health Treatment for adults and children, Primary Medical Care, parenting classes, Family Services, Peer Support Services, and a myriad of transitional services. These services are designed to assist the individual transition back into the community and to reunite with their families.

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Meet Bud James Perry...

Published on Aug 18, 2015 | Rick Dancer TV

The man you are about to meet has truly turned his life around. He credits the many programs at Willamette Family for his success. Check out this new program that actually saves our community a lot of money.



Video Sources: Rick Dancer TV

It's easy to make assumptions when it comes to homelessness. Why do people end up on the streets? How do they feel about their life? Why don't they get help? What does it take to end homelessness? Rick Dancer TV recently did an interview with Bud Perry who is in the Willamette Family program. Rick Dancer TV kept the entire interview and put it into a mini-documentary that hits these questions and more. Here is the Youtube link of the interview.